dok.revue 4.14

Dok.revue 4.14 resonates with sounds of the approaching eighteenth year of the 18th International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava 2014

The main interview in this issue is with documentary filmmaker and educator Vit Janecek, expert and supporter of Burmese independent cinematography, who prepared a showcase of contemporary Burmese documentary (and veristic) films for the festival.

A portrait of Donald Rumsfeld entitled The Unknown Known created by the famous American documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, is discussed in the situational review section by Senator and former Home Secretary František Bublan, diplomat and former Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra and editor of left-oriented discussion forum A2larm, JaroslavFiala, will have its Czech premier in Jihlava IDFF.

Discussing the criteria for selecting films for the festival section Fascinations, which presents the current international and Czech experimental cinematography, is its programmer Andrea Slováková.

In the poetry section we can enjoy the words of Jonas Mekas, one of the most famous contemporary avant-garde filmmakers – words that he caught on his video camera one night passing through Slovakia and addressed them to José Luis Guerín, with whom he exchanged film letters. Their correspondence – as well the letters of eight others – will be shown at 18th Jihlava IDFF. Read and enjoy!