Dok.revue Is Celebrating 10 Years!

This year, dok.revue is marking its first round anniversary – it has been ten years since its first issue saw the light of the day.

Illustration: Michaela Kukovičová

On this occasion, Jihlava IDFF’s has completely revamped its festival daily. Every morning, the on-line will feature a thematic essay followed by an afternoon interview and hourly posts reflecting on the events of the 19th annual Jihlava IDFF that will remain in the vaults of for eternity.

The Jihlava IDFF, or more precisely one of its programme sections, has inspired Katarína Petrtýlová from the Institute of Sociological Studies of Charles University to focus on the relationship between terrorism and media.

Why did people mourn the death of IT genius Steve Jobs? This and other questions are discussed by documentarian Bára Kopecká, psychologist and personal coach Martin Sedláček, and successful founder of a Czech start-up for on-line search of cheap flights, Oliver Dlouhý in the situational review of Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.

Our interview with the “chameleon of Czech cinema”, script editor and director Jan Gogola jr. will invite you to explore the world’s monuments and the mysteries of the history of the now in his latest film. His film project Excursions, or the History of the Now, is an interactive essay about symbolical places attached to European history, deliberately challenging the ingrained perception of the captured monuments through an in-depth reflection of their possible meanings and implications, the playfulness and the personal approach of the protagonists. Among other topics, the interview addresses the question of whether excursions can be considered performances and why we are unable to admit that the collocation “documentary film” is, in fact, nonsense.

Another of dok.revue’s traditional sections will this time feature an excerpt from an experimental film by UK’s artist Sarah Wood entitled I Am a Spy focusing on the phenomenon of death, reflecting on the world from various eternal perspectives. In his masterclass, the author of the festival spot, Godfrey Reggio, will venture on a journey into the pulsating regions of the unknown, providing the audience with thought-provoking insights into one of the most relevant, but commonly misconceived topics of the past five millenniums – the coexistence of people and technology.

Documentarians Robert Kirchhoff and Filip Remunda travelled all the way to America to shoot a film about three ageing jazzmen – Laco Deczi, Ján Janekej and Ľubomír Tamaškovič – who fled from Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia. The New Release section will reveal why some situations bring up the existential topic of the lightness of being and of death – leading us to the conclusion that “Worldly fame is just a gust of wind.”