Seven Pieces of Czech Joy

This and the following English edition of dok.revue presents interviews with Czech directors, which were featured in the Czech edition of dok.revue during the 18th Jihlava IDFF.

Illustration: Míša Kukovičová

The interviews refer to films chosen for the competition section Czech Joy. Its winner, Martin Dušek, describes in the interview the initial impulse, which led to shooting the film Into the Clouds We Gaze: a melancholy feeling, experienced in a place least expected – at car tuning meetings in the north of the Czech Republic. At the origin of another winning film Daniel's Wold (Danielův svět), stands a feeling of anger. However, at first glance, it is unexpected anger because it is anger evoked by the demonization of paedophilia. The director, Veronika Lišková, who received the Audience Award in Jihlava, talks about how she wishes to change views on paedophilia in the Czech Republic and the rest of the world via her film.

Among the additional five films included in this dok.revue issue, are the politically or civilly-involved films Lets Block by Martina Malinová concerning a blockade at a pig farm, standing upon the grounds of a former Roma concentration camp and Plan by Benjamin Tuček dealing with Prague's city planning. We also present Mat Goc, described by the author Dužan Duong as an experimental doc-clip and Pirating Pirates by David Čálek, who in the interview not only reveals the existence of fake pirates, but also the falsehood of the media, more interested in a good story rather than in authenticity. And there is also The Gospel According to Brabenec by Miroslav Janek, who would like his film to have “healing effects” on the viewers. In the film, he offers therapy through the spirit of the Czech underground musician and poet, Vratislav Brabenec.

In the upcoming issue of dok.revue, which will be released towards the end of December 2014, you can look forward to more of this year's Czech Joy selection, as well as an interview with the filmmaker and theorist Trinh Minh-ha.